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  • What's a Scammer?

    I hear lots of people on here saying that they think some people are scammers if they don't use their real photo. I don't like using my real photo because it scares me, because there's scary people on here lol.

    So what is a scammer in the context of this site? Because nobody would send money to someone randomly, and it's usually pretty easy to figure out if you're being catfished, right?

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    Basically scammer is a person who create fake identity to get money from naive users. and actually most of scammers use pictures of real people. most prefer pornstars and actors, some more smart ones find pictures at social networks. I dont think there are many scammers who used dog pic to lure someone... most of them play on romantic feelings so they need pretty pics.
    If person just dont use own photo.... no reasons to call the person to be a scammer. Some too oversensetive people on some reason think its not possible to get somebody's else picture and use as its own. Actually if to be consequentially paranoidal, every person untill you see him or her on skype can be someone else


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      Oh, let me give you an example from my experience.
      As soon as I registered on this site, 2 "Chinese Girls" I put them in quotes because for all I know they could be men. We were talking and they invited me to go to a different site and wanted to talk there instead. The site was, it was Chinese dating website. I accepted their friend requests on that site, but in order for me to continue to talk to them, I had to pay money...
      So screw that, I prefer talking on this site, and actually getting to know the person before exchanging social networks.


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        yeah it's happened with me too but i'm not naive to be lured. the social network must free why should i pay for a simple conversation they thing we are donkeys


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          Scammers fall into two categories.

          The first category are scammers who swindle another person for material (financial) benefit.

          The second category are scammers that con a person for non-financial reasons. These scammers may portray themselves as another person to compensate for some physical, psychological or social shortcoming (for example... perhaps they are morbidly obese, ugly, crippled or they suffer from severe social anxiety) or they may portray themselves as someone else so as to bully or harass another person (for example, a friend who is really a frenemy).

          Like the first category scammer... this 2nd category of scammer can also engage in criminal activity. An example of this would be a 60 year male child molester creating a profile of a 15 year old boy and subsequently chatting with an 11 year old girl. The child molester will spend a large amount of time psychological manipulating this child (winning in her trust) in the hopes of persuading her to run away from home so that he can sexually abuse, rape and even murder her.
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            Whenever I start a conversation with people from China,Hongkong and Singapore, they will ask me if I know Gagahi. That's when I will know if I have encounter a scammer


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              What is a scammer?

              As mentioned above, the prime motive for scammers could be financial or non-financial. Financial incentivization to the scammer's benefit will get a User to engage in some activity they wouldn't normally do. That in all probability, would knowingly lead to financial loss to Users. Manipulation is an intervention that follows the same pattern without financial incentivization. In either case, you can guarantee you'll be wasting your time and the scammer will contact you first.

              What is a catfish ? [continued on page 94
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