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Site Development and Upgrading.

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  • Site Development and Upgrading.

    Thank you every one for your patience ....

    The site is currently going through a lengthy development and upgrade stage and at times various features may not be working due to the work being carried out by our development team, please be patient while this development work is in progress and continue to enjoy the free features this site provides. I can't give you a timeline on how long this situation will continue, but be assured admin are putting in some long hours to provide members with added features.

    Please continue to report profiles you suspect of being fakes/obscene messages/scammers etc. via the link, complete with your evidence ( don't delete the messages) and our profile mod team will investigate and take the appropriate action albeit warnings or deletion of the accounts.

    Moderators are not permitted to give feedback on reports for legal reason of privacy .... this is why you get the impression nothing is being done.

    I little insight into the profile mods world .... these are the invisible people that handle the reports you send us.
    We get over 500 reports daily that our profile mod team process, from this number about 50% are deletions (fakes/obscene messages. scammers etc) and the rest are issued warnings or dismissed for no evidence or being a trivial report for example ... a member not responding.
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