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someone sent me a message, but i can't answer them

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  • someone sent me a message, but i can't answer them

    Problem: someone sent me a message, but they only accept messages from someone who's 12-18 years old.
    so i can't reply to their message.

    Solution: if they contact me first, then i should be allowed to reply to their message.

    The message was this:

    "Hi teacher Dennis! hehe I'm _______ from Philippines : ) I'm glad that I found a teacher here that could help me in my english grammar. Could you? : ) "

    This person is going to think i'm rude if i don't respond.
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    well, that one's fixed! Thanks!!! But now i've received another message from a different person and i can't reply to that one either. The message is this:

    Hello, I'm looking for a native english speaker, because I need a little help in english. Would you be able to help me?

    I'd like to be able to respond to people who send me messages


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      I also wonder how this works? I sent message to someone who was out of my age limit and they could not contact me back (in the end they left message under my photo), on the other side I am talking to someone or regular way, and I am little older than their age limit, but I still can contact them. Thanks for explanation on this.


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        I've been having the same problem. It used to be that if someone contacted you first, you'd be able to reply in spite of their settings. Now I've got several messages a from people who think I'm ignoring them! Very frustrating.


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          It's worse than that. I just got cut off in mid conversation by this and I don't know what had changed. A person had contacted me although I was out of her age range. I was able to reply. and we began a conversation. After exchanging a dozen or so messages, when I attempted to reply to the next one I got "This user's privacy settings do not allow you to contact them.". It is very frustrating not to be able to reply any more and not even to explain why, and as previous posters have commented, it makes me appear rude.

          I had this problem once before and eventually found that my contact was a clean freak who wanted to erase old messages, and her method of doing so caused the system to forget that she had already contacted me.

          It used to be possible to get around this via a wall post or photo comment, that were not so restricted, but it appears that is no longer the case.


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            I go to reply to a message from someone. I then hit 'send', and the message doesn't send. It stays highlighted in pink. Sometimes it sends later, sometimes it doesn't send at all. Help !!