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I'm getting harassed and don't know how to stop it.

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  • I'm getting harassed and don't know how to stop it.

    Hello world,

    this is probably not the right forum but I really don't know what to do anymore. There's one person on this site that keeps contacting me with fake accounts and only write rude massages. I don't know what I did to this person or who he / she is, I just want this to stop and I don't want to give this to a lawyer because of cyber bulling.

    Here are the accounts so far, this goes for several days now. The last one is the newest, he seems to create new accounts over and over. He has even more accounts but I don't have them all in my browser history.

    I would really appreciate if somebody can help me here.

    Thank you in advance,


    He made another profile and harasses me again.

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    How is he actually harassing you? Is he saying sexual things or something? Because unfortunately, that is a HUGE problem here on IP. If you're a woman, you'll get tons and tons of creepy messages. I just stopped looking in my inbox and focus on the forums where I met some nice people.

    This being said, I understand you feel bad about it. I would say, certainly don't answer anything, block his accounts and report him to the moderators every time he annoys you. Unfortunately, that is all you can do, I think.
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      Imagine how much time he spends making all those accounts, he's putting genuine effort into it and meanwhile all you have to do is give him a quick block. I don't think he'd put in that effort unless he is gaining something from it, provoking some sort of reaction? First thing to do is to just ignore him, report him and block him but don't respond. Hopefully he will IP banned but it's not fool proof, so just make sure you don't give him any attention and he should eventually get bored of it. It might not be instant especially if you responded before and he knows it bothers you, but I don't think he'll keep this up for more than a day or two if you don't respond. Also would recommend deleting this post in case he checks the forums - and instead PM a mod directly with your issue.

      EDIT: Yeah so I just checked your profile and it's as I thought, you are feeding him attention and that's why he keeps doing it. I'd remove that stuff, it's not like he's going to feel guilty anyway since these are just throwaway accounts and he's enjoying getting a reaction out of people. Again, best bet is to take your issue directly to a moderator, once they look into it getting more people to report him is not going to help things.
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        Do not respond and remove the references to the troll from your profile as Bruxae has suggested ..... trolls feed on attention, ignore them and use our report system but leave the evidence ( the messages)

        I have checked all the profiles you have listed and all have been deleted.
        We get persistent trolls now and again, we delete these as soon as they are reported but members have to do their part also and not respond to feed them.... they give up after several tries when they don't get a response.


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          Thank you all for your answers!

          My intention was to scare him away. That's why I made my profile like that but I forgot the first rule in the internet: Never feed the trolls.

          I haven't answer his last massages and won't answer them in the future. I also reported every profile he made for harassment and hope that will help. But I got a lot of messages from other users who have the same problem as me, it really seems to be very serious.

          Now I took everything off my profile and won't pay him any attention anymore, thank you for suggestions!


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            This site is a safe haven which harbors notorious scammers, fake profiles and depressed anti-seducers.


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              Originally posted by SimpleMind7 View Post
              This site is a safe haven which harbors notorious scammers, fake profiles and depressed anti-seducers.

              Do you report them with your evidence? ... if not why not?


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                Originally posted by RRicho View Post

                Do you report them with your evidence? ... if not why not?

                perhaps because he enjoys the show


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                  The best thing to do is to block every single profile he creates. Don't respond to him because that's what he wants. To aggravate you and make you feel insecure. I have a similar issue with a Russian troll who keeps creating new accounts with the same profile picture and continously visits my page. Ignoring such people is the best solution. Leave them alone with their problem.


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                    i'm in the same situation but i'm scared bc this guy found my fb profile and it's not even on my interpals profile