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  • Folowing the site rules!!

    After wasting my time at least 4 times (and following site rules).... i decided to put a post in the general section with the intention of getting a moderstors/admins see if they might actually take some action on what i reported....according to the moderators my report was investigated and no issue found!... and case closed without even bothering to ask to see the screen shots i had after following your own rules(at least 4 times) seems it is acceptable to use other peoples pics and there will be no follow up other than to publicly berate the poster for using the wrong section.....
    No doubt this post will be closed without action too....but i can sleep tonight knowing i followed site rules.....hope that keeps the moderators and the scanmers happy....

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    Your report was dealt with .... as stated in both your other posts, moderators are not permitted to give feedback for obvious privacy reasons per the sites Terms Of Service.

    Minor offences get a warning and if they comply with the warning that's the end of the matter ... which has happened in this case.

    Again I remind you of Forum Rule 15 ......


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      And as i said...i followed your rules...i explaind i had evidence which you didnt bother to even request....and therefore didnt use to evaluate the situation...its on your head if anyone gets their id stolen by this person as i did what was required by your rules....its a shame you dont follow your own rules....i have been a member here for 6 yrs and never in those 6 yrs have i met anyone so down right arrogant towards id theft....i just hope no one steals your pivs etc and you find out much later it was preventable....close the thread as you normally do....without further action....sums it up perfectly


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        The pics were removed .... end of story .... move on.
        I don't know what you expect, if we delete the account as you demand he will be back with another profile ....
        I've been subjected to slander etc on the net due to my involvement on this site ... so has the sites owner ... so what, move on mate.

        I'm not going to respond on this matter again.... you have been advised to use the 'Contact Us' form with your concern and our member liaison moderator will look into your complaint in due course.


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          A message to everyone ......

          You post your pics and personal details on the net they become available to anyone to use, the site isn't responsible for what you post, you are.


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            So why bother with admins and moderators then?


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              Originally posted by powerorb View Post
              So why bother with admins and moderators then?

              We get over 500 reports daily with around 50% being deletions of scammers and major offences ... the rest either get warnings or a no violation for a trivial report ( for example ... a girl not responding or a user dispute). A minor offender usually gets two warnings and if they don't comply can get deleted or a more severe warning and then deletion.

              If we didn't have moderators the site would be flooded with scammers and porn site advertising and probably closed in a short time ... our team of Profile moderators work invisibly behind the scenes keeping the site as clean as possible in a fair and even handed manner without the harassment of disgruntled members like yourself hassling them over minor reports that have been fairly dealt with.
              Again, the correct procedure if you have a concern is to use the 'Contact Us' form to register your displeasure.
              Due to the pics in question having been removed there is no further action to be taken by this site.


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                Dont get me wrong here...we need moderators and admins as you rightly point say people like myself harassing or hassling them!.. i draw an exception to that....if it wasn't for members reporting issues many would go by and cause many more issues as you already mentioned.....but if we dont follow up we dont know what's being done...and assumption is the first step to the mother of all screw i dont assume!..
                As a way of drawing this discussion to a close as we both realise we wont see eye to eye on this.. wouldnt it be better to get feed back from moderators when something is reported...otherwise members feel its being ignored....and i appreciate there are laws/rules on privacy but i am sure there are ways of informing the reporter that actions are taking place the end....we all want a better more secure site....and yes to a degree we are all responsible for what we post......but when it goes wrong site rules prevent us doing much about it...hence we need moderators and admins ....if i have come across as rude antagonistic etc i apologise...but if you put yourself in the position of having your id abused etc...i think you will feel similer...


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                  Moderators are not permitted to give feedback on reports for privacy and legal reasons, however if they were permitted to give feedback the valuable time they donate to the site as volunteers would be taken away from moderating the reports and not achieve anything other than a back and forth like is going on here, then we would have moderators resigning or stopping moderating due to the hassles, arguments, abuse and probably threats.

                  I am the only moderator that is seen all others are invisible so they can get on with moderating the reports unhindered, anything they can't decide on is referred to admin where a more senior moderator will look at and process the report.
                  Profile moderators can see what has gone on with the investigative tools they have at their disposal and make considered decisions on the evidence they see.

                  I did point out I have been slandered on other sites due to my role on here .... this rolls off me like water just as you should do with this matter.

                  I don't consider your rude or antagonistic, your just not accepting the only answer your going to get.

                  I have left this thread open as I'm sure there is some interest in what is being discussed here.