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  • is infected by HTML:chaseBank-A[Phish]

    I'm facing a problem,when i open on my browser.
    my antivirus block it from connecting and said :
    " is infected by HTML:chaseBank-A[Phish]"

    is there a way to know if someone is sign in with my user and pass to my account.
    or i just need to change the password.
    thank you.

    my operating system is : windows 8.1 (64 bits )
    my browser is : Firefox version 63.0 (64 bits)

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    Most likely, the webpage via your browser rather than the site itself is infected with this windows trojan. You could have got it from anywhere. There have been scam female profiles flooding the site recently. Perhaps you clicked on one of the links?

    From what I've read, it's a keystroke logger that installs itself on browsers - so it will be recording anytime you type on your keyboard. Therefore, it would have recorded any times that you logged in to any site - including passwords.

    I've seen this to remove it:

    Fix your computer first with this. I'd even reinstall the operating system on your computer as a safety measure.

    Also, I'd get on another computer - making sure it is not infected - and I'd change all the passwords on any accounts you might have used on your computer.


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      always have a new sign in and password for EVERY computer system. They like to get wimpy accounts on a weak system like this..and then try to USE that signon information on other systems. So never share passwords...

      If you think you have a problem I would change my password right away.

      The old thinking was never write them down... in the new age, your physical computer is not at risk, its all the information on the internet... So having a piece of paper sitting on your desk with the passwords is not the MOST secure way to remember stuff.

      good luck.

      dr. Darrell of Michigan.