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Is it impossible to kick out a con man?

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  • Is it impossible to kick out a con man?

    Hello. I bet people have already discussed this kind of problem, but I keep spotting the same person who tries to deceive people to steal their ID and money.
    I've reported moderators, but apparently they can't seem to do anything unless they have a firm evidence.
    The person tells you that she is a 58 year old woman who is diagnosed as a stage 4 lung cancer, and wants you to help her to donate her fortune.
    She invites you to contact via e-mail, and tells you that her lawyer will contact you. The lawyer tries to convince you to send your ID and some money.

    I don't think most people would fall for this nonsense, but I'm concerned since there are very young innocent people here, too.
    Today, the same person shows up as "grizzlebear", "littlebirds" or grizzlybear11, who lives in somewhere in the U.S. (Yesterday, the person used a name as "Greatfairy") She claims she is 58, but her profile photo looks too old to be that age. (A woman with grey hair with glassess)
    I wonder if there're any ways to warn people of a scumbag like this.
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    We get several hundred reports daily and it takes a little time to process all these reports, particularly when many reports don't contain the evidence they are reported for.

    Be a bit more patient and allow time for our moderators to deal with reports you send in .... our moderators are all volunteers and give their spare time freely, they do have other lives than on here.

    The scam you have referred to is an old one that we are well familiar with (Dying of Cancer Scam) and is systematically deleted by our system, however the system does take a little time to react.
    If you had checked you would have found these scam accounts had been deleted before or soon after you posted this thread.


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      Is it impossible to kick out a greed and stupidity?


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        Hello RRicho,
        Thanks so much for your response. I'm relieved to know that this matter will be taken care of. That's all I need to know right now.
        I really appreciate your attention and support.


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          This person is relentless. posting new profiles under the same MO almost daily. It uses the same photo and age, but a different city in the US each time


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            Then report the profile and let the mods do what they do. Commenting on it on the forum won't help : )


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              Originally posted by Fenris View Post
              Then report the profile and let the mods do what they do. Commenting on it on the forum won't help : )
              Also of course reporting the evidence as to why the profile has a con man on it would significantly help.


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                When you report don't delete the conversation ..... mods need to see the evidence.