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People asking for my number and whatsapp?

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  • People asking for my number and whatsapp?

    I met a really nice person who was willing to teach me Spanish. Shortly after speaking, she started asking me for my personal number and WhatsApp! Is this a red-flag? I am not sure why people engage in conversations on this site, just to ask for personal information. We are here, we are talking through here. I just don't feel comfortable giving out my number or whatsapp. Do people ever get scammed here? Should I be cautious about this?

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    Be very cautious, never give your personal details to strangers you meet on the internet.
    Anyone wanting to take you off this site is a potential scammer.


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      People get scammed on here almost daily. Be very careful giving info out because like Richo said, people who want to take you off the site are either looking for money or gross stuff like nudes