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    Originally posted by iLondon View Post

    It's cute, but the old mother insults do not work on me child

    You are vermin and always will be, for one who talks about having sex with their own mother you sure are the trash of society, you deserve no more attention and that will be so
    No, they do not work when a freak like you use them, no one gives a shit when you bark they're a bad mommy and how you say you pity their children.

    The second sentence of yours very much describes your own personality, iLondon lol...One more interesting fact we get to know about you - you lurk on here a lot but have no guts to participate in the threads you criticize yourself.


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      Originally posted by dmitri11 View Post
      Alright, so we're going to start with cons. There are many patients here, but no linguists.
      Yes, many patients, including the doctor.