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Meaningless sexual hunger at West proves extreme pervertness

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  • Originally posted by Tux1 View Post
    You embarrass yourself in front of these Westerners. If the West is so bad, why are muslims and those from the Middle East, Asia and Northern Africa going to Europe in droves to 'join' this uncivilized society?!? Answer any time - you have spewed the same complaints and whining over and over ad nauseam. If it's so bad, then why don't they all just stay put and maybe try to focus their energies on the muslims killing each other and cutting each other's heads off? That might be more productive, huh?
    Pfffft an actual post of yours I felt inclined to put a 'like' on Keep on getting things right like this and I may just have to reevaluate our friendship


    • Originally posted by Suna123 View Post
      There are non-Germans from different cultures in Germany. For whatever reason the non-German non-Muslim women don't show such a high number in women shelters. And they have the same problem with fewer resources on whom they can rely for help.
      There is pretty much an identical thing in Australia. The dirty little secret is that Muslim women predominate women's shelters there as well.

      The only places I've ever stayed in around the world where I'd hear a woman in the neighbourhood getting beaten just about every night were neighbourhoods with large pious Islamic populations. This is almost irrespective of socio-economic status of the people living there...

      Originally posted by Suna123 View Post
      Maybe you should leave your one sided view and start looking at the core of the problem. Domestic violence is as worse as more patriarchic a society is. Since patriarchic ruling is ordained in Islamic societies via religion they are more patriarchic than most others.
      To take the patriarchy out of Islam would mean rewriting the Quran and the Sahih Ahadith.

      Originally posted by Suna123 View Post
      Of course domestic violence is a problem among Germans as well, nobody said something else.....thatswhy we have women shelters and laws anti (sexual) violence in marriages. In opposite to the Islamic ruling where violence is even allowed to the husband, isn't it? But of course it is her fault when she does not obey?
      The article also explains when a homocide is called a "honor killing" (in German: Ehrenmorde) and what the difference to a "family drama" is. Honor killing is not just murder.
      I'm sure you already know the difference yourself quite well and better than me.
      The first step in solving a problem is to admit you have a problem. Admission of problems is where Islam is extremely weak and especially when the problem and Islamic dogma are inextricably linked.