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How to stay fit?

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  • How to stay fit?

    Hi guys! I need your advice: what should I do to keep fit.
    Sometimes I run, sometimes I do pull-ups and push-us, and sometimes I exercise with kettlebells. Unluckily I can't do it all the time. Frequently I have breaks for a long time...

    So have you another responce to this problem? And what dod you do to keep fit? And how regulary?

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    What i do to stay fit is drink alot of water, cardio 30 min a day at least.. and 50-100 sit ups 4 times a week


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      Originally posted by cheymeows View Post
      What i do to stay fit is drink alot of water,

      No need to drink 'a lot' of water. It's a myth. Always need to drink the quantity which is sufficient as per your body demand, for different people (also depends on level of physical activity, weather conditions etc) this quantity may be different. For John/Jane Average it's approx 2L of water per day. All other necessary liquid arrives into your body with food.

      Listen to your body and if it says NO, no need to rape it with water. Drinking too much water can cause hyponatremia when sodium levels in blood become very low, you can google the symptoms.

      As for keeping fit you just need to count calories so your daily intake is not more than 1500-2000 kCal (no matter what your food is, sure best if it's healthy food), and walk, walk, walk as much as you can, do not use a car when unnecessary. Walking is same effective as running.


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        I am probably not the best to give advice on this subject since I have no difficulties to stay "fit" but... I would just tell that :

        - Don't eat "like a pig". I mean, just eat when you are hungry and only in a necessary quantity. It might appears stupid to say that, but most of people forget something that obvious and just act like barbarians when it comes to food.
        A "tips" I could give you to b sure you are "really" hungry is to drink a cup of water and wait a couple of minutes. If you are still hungry, so you probably should eat.

        I personally didn't make a lot of exercises for month in the past without getting a kg because of that.


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          Avoid added sugar, it's too crippling to avoid everything that has some sugar IN IT but there's no reason to add more of it as a form of seasoning. But try to avoid the things that's straight up 30% or more sugar. Try to get in the habit of eating food rather than candy/soda/cake when you're having a craving, going for a sandwich might not feel as fun but more often than not I find it satisfies the same craving and it gets easier over time as you lessen your addiction.
          Contrary to popular opinion, fat is not really bad for you unless you really overdo it - what makes you tired and put on weight is usually sugar and carbs.

          Really, try to stay active as much as you can but the biggest difference you can make is dietary.