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"Panic Button" for the worst case

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  • "Panic Button" for the worst case


    I once had the "pleasure" to be attacked by an account, just created minutes ago, with a naked picture of a male genital. The comments in my message box were just the same.
    Of course I reported AND blocked that person immidiately.

    But I guess I wasn't the only person attacked by that one. And the "normal" 24h procedure of working up the reports may be a bit long for things like that.

    Maybe it is possible to add an extra button within the report, where the profile picture can be marked as extremely pervert and therefor get a higher prioritization?

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    seems like reports get taken of fairly quickly, I often get viewed by spammer accounts with URLs in their profile (for more photos, of course), I report them for scamming and they're usually gone in 24 hours


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      Well 24 hours are fair enough for the "normal" scammers. But naked pictures? I think that one is crying for an even faster solution.

      I'm definitely okay with the handling of the other reports and not questioning any of the methods used.


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        We get over 500 reports daily and there are a number of trolls that delight in posting obscene photos and messages, you can be assured we delete these reports as soon as we become aware of them, but we do rely on members reporting these obscene trolls so they contact as few members as possible before they are deleted.

        We have an excellent team of profile moderators from various parts of the world that are all voluntary members and process the reports as they have free time .... we have most of the time zones covered but there are times when no moderators are on duty, however the obscene and reports on scammers are handled first from the list as moderators come on line, and as stated elsewhere most reports are dealt with over the 24 hours each day, unless the site is having problems which happened recently.

        RRicho ( Head Moderator)


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          I think it is a nice idea to mark those incidents with higher priorisation - however, I do not think it will lead to much faster solution - maybe a bit faster.

          Another idea would be an automatically solution where account gets blocked after an amount of reports or something similar. Though that does not help with those just creating a new account after they get blocked.


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            Scammers and trolls are a nuisance and make new accounts soon after we delete them, this is a common problem with the internet and sites like this .... keep reporting the scammers and trolls complete with any evidence and we will keep deleting their accounts as soon as we can.


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              Originally posted by TeddyTeddyTeddy
              I know its an old topic. But is it also an idea to remove and delete profiles who have not been online for 2 years and more?

              Why do you search for them? They do not approach you and are mostly down the search lists. That suggests you go looking for them or you are using search algorithms that give few hits. Why should you determine how long someone can take a break from this site?
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                Panic button .... wow, wouldn't that get misused by the trolls ...... necroposting, check the date of the last post before opening an old thread, start a new thread rather than reguritating old threads...... locked.