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This website is crawling with scammers/spambots

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    It would be appreciated if members didn't educate the scammers by telling them what they are doing wrong ... it makes our profile moderators job more difficult searching for the evidence to warrant deletion.
    Most of the things being suggested have either been considered and rejected or implemented ..... for example 'reviewing profiles' has been looked at and rejected as far too time consuming for little return for our overworked 'voluntary' moderators. There are systems in place to pick up scammers the members aren't privy to .... by all means discuss the problem all sites have with scammers but please don't educate them to make it harder for our mod team to detect and delete them.

    If you have a worthy suggestion use the 'Contact Us' form ... remember scammers can read also.

    I will also add, our team of developers are constantly working on this on going problem of scammers and other unsavory people flooding our site with profiles for 'other' purposes.


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      Originally posted by Suna123 View Post

      I don't know how long they live. Maybe you can let live one or two that we can have some fun with them?
      You pick the one you wish to have your fun with and I'll watch .... be careful you don't get a warning though if your tongue gets loose (wink)