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If u get blocked by a user u should be able to send one last message to them

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    Originally posted by kris-2017 View Post
    Blocking is new concept. It is like killing the people. The one who block has the gun and the other have nothing. It is all or nothing. If you get blocked at the first contact. OK you miss your joke and you try to have inovative way of greetings. That is ok I will try next time differently. But if you get blocked after a nice conversation Yes that is hard. And that is harder if you don't understand why. But that is internet. That remind us that we are in VIRTUAL world. One day you talk and the next day it disappear like snow in the sun. Here it is not the real world. You have the quantity and not the quality. It you try to build something with quality keep in mind that it is build on sand and the sea tide can comes.

    The idea to block people gradualy could be good. But I am sure the vast majority could be agains. If you block level 1. You can keep 3 days or 7 days without possibilities of talking and then you could have a way to send one message. The last one. It you be your chance. But the other could keep the blocking.

    What is hard with blocking people is the brutality. There is no graduality with that concept.
    just invent a new account if it is that important that your life depends on it. Problem solved.


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      Originally posted by Larissadl View Post
      I think when you block someone there should be some kind of message that says 'why do you want to block this user?' and you can cross a box (don't know if this is already in use). The person being blocked should get a notification with that reason but shouldn't be able to message the other person anymore
      THIS. It takes 2 seconds to tick a box and let people know. "Harrassment" for only sending one message with a single question about someone's profile would be hilarious though.


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        Originally posted by SerialEater View Post
        Why would you want someone to tell you why you're being blocked? If you're too stupid to work out why you've just been blocked of your own accord, I don't think being told why is gonna help you. You're probably just going to think it's an inaccurate assessment or that you've been misconstrued, so being told why isn't going to help you at all
        You think so?
        I've been blocked twice in a week, one time for asking "What belt are you in Taekwondo?" as a single message, genuinely interested in the profile of the person and their activities, and another time offering my help to someone who claimed to need help with English, all with a very polite manner as I've been taught and as I'm used to.
        It also happened after very nice conversations. There were no animosity whatsoever. And from reading this topic, it seems that some people have been in a similar situation.

        So tell me, if I and other people are so stupid to work out why we have been blocked, can you help us? I know that it would help me to know why, from the concerned people. Maybe that would even help finding fake profiles as well.


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          So tell me, if I and other people are so stupid to work out why we have been blocked, can you help us? I know that it would help me to know why, from the concerned people. Maybe that would even help finding fake profiles as well.
          I'd be kinda interested to see the other side of the incidents you've just described, because I think it's possible you rubbed them the wrong way somehow; even if you didn't intend to.

          It might not have been an intentional thing, but do you think it's possible the way you phrased stuff could have rubbed people the wrong way? I know this sounds like a cop out, but with cultural differences and the mood the person may or may not have been in on the day, it's quite possible that you accidentally annoyed them. Even if that wasn't your intent, a lot of the time actual intent is kinda hard to construe on the internet.

          Or, with the person you were asking about Taekwondo, did you visit their profile multiple times before and after you asked the question? Because sometimes that can annoy people as well. I think you must have visited their profile at least once afterwards or tried to send a follow-up message a while after they blocked you, because I don't see how you'd know you were blocked otherwise.

          The other option is that these people didn't want to talk to you or didn't want to talk further with you, and were worried you'd take it the wrong way or spam them with messages about it afterwards. I know this isn't the case 100% of the time, but there's enough people on here who don't take it well when a person doesn't want to talk to them, so I can see why a person might be tempted to block you even if you only sent one message or you'd been talking with little to no animosity (that you were aware of).

          I know it sucks to be blocked, but even if you don't think you deserved it, I think you do have to suck it up and deal with it. Just suck it up and accept the fact they don't want to talk with you, bruh.


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            Originally posted by saras2710 View Post
            I was once having a conversation with a user and everything was fine until I couldn't send them a message. It says that "the user's privacy settings do not allow you to contact them". I don't know the reason why I can't contact the user but I feel that as users we should be able to send one last message to the user we were contacting or at least get a notification from interpals why we were blocked OR we should be able to contact Interpals and find out why we can't contact the user.

            If anyone else had this problem they would feel the same?

            This should be a new feature on Interpals!
            I've been blocked a few times and I've blocked a few people, it's the way of the internet and the state of the world right now. Probably for the best.


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              Originally posted by CricketUSA View Post

              From the likes of you??? Bwahahahahahaha.... Rather, I think she hit the block button after she threw up in her mouth, lol.
              Nice way to show your level of IQ, or rather the lack thereof. Turn off the computer grandma, go out and get some fresh air.