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STOP THE "Will you be my girlfriend?/Will you be my wife?" MESSAGES!

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  • STOP THE "Will you be my girlfriend?/Will you be my wife?" MESSAGES!

    Over the coarse of 10 years of being offline and online with, I have been randomly messaged by a number of guys who have asked me if I could be their girlfiriend or wife within the first few or very first message sent to me.

    I have come across other women on this website who have experienced the same thing. I am personally troubled by this behavior from these men and women who make a message like this. It has made me feel uncomfortable for so long that I no longer feel safe. It's time consuming and frustrating to just wait to report and block the next person who does this. I want a retriction within the first message and have it written as a guidline to each person on this website, male or female.

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    Interpals has many many users, I don't think it's possible to controll all of them and what they write in personal messages, it wouldn't be realistic to expect Interpals to stop them. Just use the block function, that's what it's there for : ) and time consuming? It takes less than 5 seconds to block someone, if you have time to sit online then you have time to take a few seconds to block whoever's bothering you. And as long as you don't give out any personal information, I don't see why you would feel unsafe.


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      Simple solution ...... there is an X at the right of every PM message you receive, click the X and the message is deleted ...... end of problem.

      Every site like this has the same problem with these type of messages, just ignore and delete them.


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        I always think the online world is an exaggerated version of the real world, very few people find their first love is the person they spend the rest of their life with or anyone who shows an interest is their perfect match so to expect no unwanted advances on here is naïve to say the least....if it makes you feel uncomfortable then with the greatest of respect, Interpals is probably not for you!. And how exactly is it time consuming?, it takes literally no time at all to click the "block" tab!!.


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          Honestly you may have to just set your profile so you can only be contacted by women.