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  • friends online not seen

    Interpals used to show me when my friends are online.
    It doesn't do that anymore, so now we communicate much less often.
    That was a very useful feature.
    Could you restore that function, please?

    Edit: I'm talking about this part of the home page:

    My Friends My Bookmarks
    You have 48 friends (0 online).

    It would be nice if this part of my homepage showed me when my friends are online.

    (PS i'm using a laptop. Does that make a difference?)
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    No it doesn't make any difference.. I haven't been able to see my friends online status in years actually.


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      it's a useful feature, right? that feature made it so easy do you find your friends and keep conversations going.
      As you say, it's been gone for years, but they should bring it back