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Please give me some advice on Valentine's day gift

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    Boys usually appreciate techno gifts, even mature men love to behave like kids, that's not a secret. I always considered presenting big toys for my friends and never regretted about that. You can google "geeky gifts" and find fantastic ideas on any budget, Amazon is usually full of different interesting stuff. Here is great review on remote control trucks, for example, I think electric vehicles might become very interesting for any guy . Modern rc cars have unbelievable properties due to powerful motors, easiness of drive, comfortable navigation and many other features which were unavailable even few years ago. RC toys industry develops more and more every day, just remember how popular drones are now (what makes them a good present, too).


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      Originally posted by RogerCarmel View Post
      A nice broom is always appreciated. Every woman needs a broom! Give her a broom and watch her swoon!
      Can also be used by mother-in-laws as a weapon against you following an unwanted 'gift' day out on a submarine (years ago that happened to me - big mistake to pay for a return ticket)
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        For Valentine's Day, I only expect birthday gifts.

        Yes, it's true. I am Cupid. Arrows and Eros shall fly.