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How to overcome depression?

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  • How to overcome depression?

    Depression is very common in the world and has killed a lot of people so how should we help each other overcome it?

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    There are many factors that caused depression, so to solve it, you should approach it from many different angles as well.

    I think/believe, the one who are in depression is the most important factor to solve the depression. Other could only help by being there for them when they need it, but the person him/herself need to have enough will/desire to break free from the depression.

    Next, then we need to find out the root/source of their depression. If it's hormonal imbalance, then medication and change of lifestyle could help. Etc.

    Btw, why do you ask?


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      Take care of parents, HoneyLemon.
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        Depression is a great evil that is pouring and rolling over the life of the world's population. Often the person feels repressed and lowers himself, he wants something negative and the mind attracts what he wants, this is negative things. there are several ways to overcome this evil, it is important that the person is willing to go through a treatment. I am not according to treatment based on remedies, this is because it changes the emotions of the human being in a manipulated way, I believe that the basis of everything to beat it is to talk, always occupy your mind doing things that make you feel good . Put it in your mind that you love yourself the way you are now, even because we are all different, if you do not love yourself who will love you. It is important to investigate the principle of the person's emotional discomfort, which has been occasioned by: the loss of a relative, separation in marriage, bullying, etc., to make a person positively self-recognize is the first step to be taken social projects will make you recognize yourself, this will bring you inner peace to help others and yourself .. hugs from Brazil! I leave this motivational phrase: Life is a long way, where you are a teacher and a student. Sometimes you teach, and every day you learn.


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          Short term depression from a life event ( death of family member etc) can be dealt with by a general practitioner doctor, but the more severe form of depression need to be treated by a Psychiatrist specializing in depression where the appropriate medication can be prescribed and follow up appointments with the Psychiatrist kept to monitor the patients progress.

          I speak from long personal experience with two of my close family members .... help is there but the person suffering does need your positive support.


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            Depression can hit you like a brick, especially if your soul mate breaks your heart, as happened to me. Years later, when friends and family told me I looked depressed, around the time I was subsidising my kids through university. It was like throwing paper money into a bucket followed by a lighted match. So, I filled my life with distractions (just as before) including InterPals. I have InterPals to thank for realising I had to help myself. One friend counselled me through it. Now I have the greatest admiration for her. She took an interest and listened when it mattered most. Ergo: Just listen.


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              go outside and stay away from your computer as much as you can. i suffer from a modest form of depression, but when i started being more active and not relying on the computer for all of my social interaction, my life changed for the better. bottom line is for most people the internet is a dangerous place and your expectations with people and other things will never be meet so the more you rely on it, the more upset and depressed you will get.


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                Maybe my opinion won't be popular but depression caused not by big disasters like loss of a loved one, a very comfortable desease for the weak willed. We sometimes act shitty ourselves then hide under fake depression playing victim and if one does not realize this, one drowns in one's own saliva crying a river about being unwanted, down and what not. I think the best way to cope with such feelings is sane self criticism and empathy. Until I didn't realize this myself, I felt down in certain situations, when I realized I was wrong and listened to what others actually said, I've realized I was wrong. Depressed are often narcissistic individuals who act as if everything is wrong in their miserable lives, how unloved they are, how unfortunate and how miserable their inner state is and you know what? Time to kick your own arses, no medicine, no doctors won't be able to cure one's inner state if one does not realize that life is good in general just we all have to overcome difficulties, losses, feeling down.

                I believe that in certain severe cases when people lose their whole family for example in some disaster, accident, etc...specialists can help, so can medicine but those who simply whine, get up and have a look around - there are so many beautiful things that we must enjoy instead of making a mount out of a molehill.

                By the way, I've given this piece of advice to myself and it helped to start enjoying life and solving problems the right way.