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  • Backpacking around Europe!

    Hello everyone! I'm backpacking around europe (Zone 1) from the 17th April and i want to meet as many amazing people as possible.

    My trip starts at;
    Brussels, BEL. > Amsterdam, NET. > Berlin, Fussen, Munich, GE. > Salzburg, AUS. > Prague, CZE. > Budapest, HUN.

    Any recommendations for places to visit (Tips/Advice) are GREATLY appreciated x

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    Hi Helen,

    First off, what is this Zone 1?

    Be careful in Germany for reasons which you are probably aware of, when I was in Berlin last September I witnessed a young woman getting punched, kicked and slapped by some Afghans (you can always tell they're Afghan by the looks.) Yet no one would do anything even the two police officers who were watching it with their hands on their sides. But apart from that I'm sure you'll have a grand time . Also be aware of Roma Gypsies trying to get you to sign a petition of some sort which is a way to distract you, so just walk straight past them or just tell them No.

    How long will you be in Prague for? I'd try to add a day or two more to visit Cesky Krumlov (though I visited here back in 2010, it does seem that tourists flock there more often now.) or/and Brno.
    But in Prague try to avoid the over priced tourist restaurants, same goes with Budapest there is one street called 'Vaci Utca' avoid the bars and restaurants like the plague, poor quality for a high price.
    If your with friends, or maybe you'll meet people in hostels or what have you, then visit a pub in Budapest called 'Kiado Kocsma'.(nearest metro stop is Oktogon)
    And avoid a day trip to Szentendre.

    Some say I complain too much, but I see places as they are and not through rose tainted glasses, so not everything will be 'AWESOME' as many Americans would have you believe .

    Have a great trip!


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      Hello, I live in Budapest, I could recommend places if you tell what type of places interested you. I would recommend to you : Szimpla this is popular, art/ruin pub. I would recommend Castle area, Gozsdu udvar, Margit sziget, Széchenyi bath. Have a good time here If you have any question write me.


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        Hi Helen, my name is Adriana and I´m from Munich.
        Here are my recommendations for this city: take a walk in the Englischer Garten (this big park right in the city) or the Olympiapark (the view from the tower is amazing ), buy a "Bretze" at Bretzelina (a lovely store with the best ones) and take the Trambahn ^^
        Wish you a lovely stay!