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Japan: Do German Girocard ATM cards work in Japan?

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  • Japan: Do German Girocard ATM cards work in Japan?

    I'm going to Japan next week and I have a Maestro - Girocard and I was wondering if this is already supported by the ATM machines in Japan. Last time I had some trouble using it, fortunately by that time I also had a VISA card and that pretty much saved my day.
    After googling, results seem quite inconsistent, some old posts say it works, some more recent ones say that there are still some major incompatibilities.
    The taxes/fee for exchanging Euros to JPYen in Germany are quite obscene... so I would try to avoid doing that again.

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    To whom it may concern, apparently the issues are now fixed and Maestro works at 7/11 ATMs as well..


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      I recommend to get a cheap VISA or Mastercard for your journey. The fee for withdrawals may be much higher with standard german girocards and it's not possible to pay with them directly in foreign countries. There are many banks offering a free credit card with low fees.