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Have you gone to Greenland?

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  • Have you gone to Greenland?

    I thin I want to visit.

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    Nobody had answered you and it's likely that nobody will because Greenland isn't a tourist hotspot (pun intended).

    I lived in the arctic and can tell you that it's...unusual. The scenery is spectacular, it is cold, very cold even in summer. Once you get to whichever town you get to, you are stuck there. The roads go nowhere. Roads & trails peter out into endless icefields or rock-strewn tundra. Everywhere you turn you see the same thing: desolation. The wind never stops. It brings on a biting cold. You'll see wild animals. You must travel with a gun if you're alone because wolves will attack you.

    Now for the bad news: it is incredibly expensive to go anywhere in the arctic. Food is expensive. A one-night stay in a typical hotel will cost you a minimum of $300US. If you really want to go to Greenland, you'd better be rich. If you're not rich, find a job in Nuuk. There are jobs for hospital professionals & helicopter pilots.

    If you are European, an alternative to Greenland is Svalbard.