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Wearing a Kaftan/Djebella in Morroco (Male)

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  • EarthBelowMe
    started a topic Wearing a Kaftan/Djebella in Morroco (Male)

    Wearing a Kaftan/Djebella in Morroco (Male)


    I am planning on visiting Tangier, Fes, and Marrakesh later this year while in Spain, I have recently discovered through a couple of DNA tests that I have a much larger portion of North African ancestry than I previously assumed. I say this because fashion has always been important to me and while in Morroco I would like to wear traditional garb during my stay. However, I see a few dilemmas with this for some and I do not wish to offend so I ask if it is wise to do so?

  • linacruise1467
    You can wear, obviously, it's wise to wear, there is no problem to wear their traditional dress, in fact, I hope it will look good on you, I also wear traditional dress from where I go to travel, in fact, I bought from Reecoupons, before leaving my hometown, and really its too easiest way to buy any country traditional dress from there.
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