What if we had a time machine
That would allow to fulfil a dream?
A dream of humans to get control
over time that lies above?
Wouldn't it symbolise the end
for time we're used to have?
Let's imagine that you have one.
What would you do and how to start?

Would you go back in time and fix
something that wasn't bright
and cool enough
to make you happy
here and now?
Or would you go straight in future
to see how it looks like to be cuter?

Well, I can't give a proper answer.
Because time we're used to know
has its own meaning for each and all.
That's why creating such a machine
wouldn't solve a thing.

Do you want to know why I say so?
Okay, here we go.
How can you be so sure
that jumping back
will bring a better change?
Or knowing future
will reduce mistakes
that you are supposed to make?

If you have a proper answer
Well done, you are a master!
A kind of man who doesn't care
about time he has because
it's simply rare and nothing costs.

Such time has nothing special to bring.
But I believe you're not that man.
You care and know what it takes
to count time until we can.
Because time we're used to know
Still has something to show us all.