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Poem; Imprisoned Within A Cancer Cell

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  • Poem; Imprisoned Within A Cancer Cell

    I was given no other option but to serve my time,
    Even though I was innocent and committed no crime.
    My sentence began, I knew it would be a living hell,
    Locked up indefinitely, imprisoned within a cancer cell.

    The door closed behind me, reality kicked in,
    No orange jumpsuit, just my bald head and pale skin.
    Attached to a drip, like being handcuffed to a guard,
    I knew adapting to life on the inside would be hard.

    Sometimes I found myself in solitary confinement,
    Alone with my thoughts, pure torture and torment.
    Other times I had cell mates, the saviours of my sanity,
    They were bravely enduring the same struggles as me.

    I was also allowed visitors, they kept my spirits high,
    My glimpse of the outside world when they dropped by.
    I'd lie on my bed dreaming of the day that I’d be free,
    But prison time was slow time and it dragged so badly.

    So slowly the hours, days, weeks and months passed,
    Which was ironic since my dreams had faded fast.
    I just had to bide my time, so I waited patiently,
    For them to loosen my restraints so I could move more freely.

    They let me out on day release, I was free to walk the streets,
    I briefly tasted freedom and it tasted so sweet.
    Upon returning I asked when my parole would commence,
    Only to be told that they had extended my sentence.

    Guilty of smuggling tumours into the prison they told me,
    I had been set up, it was some sort of conspiracy.
    Freedom snatched from within my grasp, life seemed so unfair,
    What should've been months, they had turned into years.

    I was angry, I didn't want this Alcatraz to be my home,
    I wanted to spread my wings wider than these walls of stone.
    It reminded me that "some birds aren't meant to be caged."
    So I decided to fight back, I embraced my rage.

    With my fists clenched I was ready to give it my all,
    My knuckles were blood red after punching the wall.
    But, there's only so many punches I could throw in a day,
    So I'd rest at night, sleeping would take my pain away.

    In the morning I’d wake up prepared to fight once more,
    I didn’t want to be another casualty of war.
    It was a fight to the death, that cell I wouldn't die in,
    I had the patience of a saint and the heart of a lion.

    I simply had to escape, no matter how long it took,
    I stamped on the floor until the foundations shook.
    My persistence paid off, cracks started to appear,
    The bricks started to loosen, my escape drew near.

    One final punch, bone crunched against the concrete,
    After years of fighting the wall crumbled at my feet.
    The dust settled, the pathway home lay ahead of me,
    I flew through the cage door and I was finally free.

    I walked until the cell was no longer in my sight,
    With no reason to look behind I could move on with my life.
    I felt liberated, I wasn't afraid anymore,
    I had reclaimed my life, four lost years I had to make up for.

    So I spent more time with my family, time very well spent,
    Made memories, as one day we’ll wonder where the time went.
    I celebrated my birthday with no fear of it being my last,
    And I enjoyed Christmas without the ghost of Christmas past.

    I have a future now, I have the rest of my life ahead of me,
    I have dreams to achieve and I plan to live my life fully.
    I’m a cancer fugitive, I fought, I escaped, I'm still alive,
    I can erase my epitaph and replace it with "I survived."

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    Wow. The sweetest way to describe the most bitter pain. People can read this and partially understand what a cancer patient feels like.
    Rating :- 4.2/5


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      Nicely donemakes me empathize