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    Apple Bollocks.

    morning spreads its welcome
    Like a damp blanket
    itching and scratching
    in the misty cold
    Darkness evaporates
    under the dull throb of introspection
    There’s a heartbeat thudding
    On the walls

    Coffee scalds my throat
    Then burns in my stomach
    An ache that lances
    like Parcifals’s spear
    I survey the wreckage of a life
    wasted chasing dreams
    But how else could I have tasted
    such varied disappointments as these

    I am no Icarus
    betrayed by the altitude of ambition
    No Caesar,Macbeth or some other fool
    pushing my way to the crest of a heap
    Till the wave breaks
    and drowns all beneath
    I sought what I sought and found it
    My summit was warm darkness
    and loss of thought
    Silence surrounded by emptiness
    Last edited by Coruja-the-Owl; 07-14-2017, 07:54 PM. Reason: Darrel wanted a title.

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    This poem is wonderful! Lovely.


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      Yep this one..This is good old mate even had to look up the Wagner influence. 'silence surrounded by emptiness....Oblivion' Bellisssimo Ed


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        Thanks Matt...
        Thanks Hannah


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          I am old fashioned, and I need a title.. can we help you with on.. what about just plain " Morning" ????

          thank you.

          dr. Darrell of Michigan.


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            most of my poems have no title, if indeed I was to choose a title for this one, oblivion would be far more suitable than morning.
            Why the hell do you need a title ?
            It seems like you want something to be pinned down..
            How about if the title had been "apple bollocks" other than the title being ridiculous, would it change anything with respect to the poem ?


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              Good God! I believe this is my favorite poem of yours, and you know I love all your poems. This is so true, so universal. And we experience this at all ages, from the moment we start having responsibilities. The morning is the period of preparation, of becoming aware, after a night of peacefulness, that we have not escaped the responsibilities, self-imposed, yes, but self-imposed under social coercion (though coercion is too harsh a word). They dawn on us, the very existence of them assails us. They pierce our stomach (remember when you were a child, that strange ache in the pit of the stomach at the idea today was yet another school day), they scratch us awake and they stand in contrast with what we want or would have wanted to do. As children, it is obviously to play. However, as adults, we look at our responsibilities, starting with the job we chose (a job is always chosen for a purpose, rarely out of true love - though I don't say this is impossible), in contrast with our lifelong dreams. And as well, we are able to weigh the effect our responsibilities have had on us being unable to develop in the way we had imagined it when younger. I see again that you use the motif of waves as a means to show a type of erosion (this comes back often in your poetry and I love it). And there is even some envy towards the people who pushed what we consider a type of insanity till its end. These people tried to reach for what they wanted and never made compromises with themselves (and here we are, making compromises with ourselves all the time, from the moment we decide not to eat that cookie and leave it for later to the day we choose to study something to get a job instead of getting into art school to the job we accept to pay the rent). There is this recognition that we chose our own downfall and that in the end ... the only thing we want, is to go back to bed. Warm darkness, loss of thought and silence. Sleep, in other words. Our own reward for all the wreckage we caused in our lives. I love this so much!


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                Darryl Wanted a Title, shoulda been the title


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                  a bump to the top.

                  thank you for sharing your talents with us.

                  dr. Darrell of Michigan. ( my title!!!! )