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The Water is Warm

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  • The Water is Warm

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    I can't find the lyrics of the New Seekers.


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        I love your poem. The third stanza is my absolute favourite:

        "Darling, I’m switching your point of view
        I’m speaking in place of those sunken down
        It’s filled with air, you never knew
        It’s the most glittering, breath-taking town"

        Really well written. Especially love the two last lines.

        Of course there's some rhythmic things that could be polished; the syllable counts vary throughout the poem, which does affect the rhythm a bit. It's a shame, since the content is there. It's rare to see a rhyming piece that has a true soul in it - usually people get to caught up in rhyming they forget to breathe life into the subject.

        I wanted to send you a message that I've read the poem and commented on it, seeing how it's been a while since you posted it, but looks like I've gotten a bit too old. ^^;