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The Water is Warm

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  • The Water is Warm

    Submerged into deep water
    Isn’t it beautiful, pure blackish blue?
    Whirled and conveyed with contented emotion
    They’re not drowning, they‘re living too

    Puzzled by your grieving eyes staring from above
    Filled with desire to let you love the water
    Perhaps your pitiful eyes only meant love
    Faulty believing they’re living as one squatter

    Darling, I’m switching your point of view
    I’m speaking in place of those sunken down
    It’s filled with air, you never knew
    It’s the most glittering, breath-taking town

    The loveliness down there is well deserved
    They lovingly wished to have you there someday
    Still, their residence, you pitifully observed
    Then forever up, you stayed, at the lonely bay.

    March 10, 2018
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    We know that human blood, warm, acrid and flowing, fills us with life. Life is not only honey, sorry.

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