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    Is there anyone who is interested in creative writing or who took course before, who can give advices or recommend some events in Germany?

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    a popular inspiration would be Germany during WW2/Cold War


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      yes, it can be nice really. there are few dystopias but maybe some utopias could be nice although it is hard


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        I do write during my free time but I haven't took any course in creative writing. I would really love to enroll in that class and learn more on how to write for a novel or for a stage play. I would love to have more ideas on how to write a fictional story interlaced with non-fiction stuff. I have some ideas but I just don't know how to do it.


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          I know no better courses than those offered by Udemy. I also want to say that nothing improves writing better than reading (I work as a freelance writer at so I know what I am saying ). Read daily, like it is your job, and you will notice how your grammar and vocabulary are improving as mush as you read.