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  • Ivanka's slippery fish...

    actually it doesn't have a title (they are out of fashion) I was just being provocative

    wet and shiny
    bright like money
    cars and bikes
    and burning lights
    slithering fish in the rain

    No stars or moon tonight
    last night’s was full
    pregnant with hurt
    And stomach ache
    So I fled home
    To the calm of my room

    And here again
    Caught like the others
    I gulp at beer
    I drown in liquid
    They drown in air

    And just like they
    Fish out of water
    I sit and fret
    Flapping helpless
    We are the catch
    In societies
    metaphoric net

    Caught, consumers
    Served on tables
    Filleted boned
    Cut, prepared,
    so much sustenance
    For the have’s who have
    No better prey yet

    ED 2018

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    Love that line, consumers served on tables Filleted and boned...Awesome


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      You're not you when hungry.


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        i guess the translation of the russian words will be something like "never to young to eat pussy" or something like that... bravo are hilarious. honestly, your talents are wasted on the poetry forum.