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I Am Not a Role Model

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  • I Am Not a Role Model

    You have shown me interest,persistence,a good time nonetheless.
    I always welcomed you at first sight.
    But please do not mistake this for love.
    Because on different sites, I transform over night.
    Mistress, lover, often undercover.
    And no, my mother taught me no better.
    So help me uncover what's left of this skin.

    I've no shame of my body, I've no shame of my brain.
    And darling, you and I are one and the same.
    No shame here my darling, keep focus on me.
    Tonight, we will let what's meant to be, be.
    I am not a role model, nor your super model, nor treat.
    I am the siren, Oceania Mystique.

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    Navy of Brainwashed Boats
    Ready to take on the world
    Ready to spill all white blood
    Wet Boats and Ulysses Siren ...