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I never promised You a Rose Garden

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  • I never promised You a Rose Garden

    The couple are walking and see the moon
    in the skies. they both feel better
    as if someone they miss is present.

    Suddenly they appear together alone in darkness
    and feel the warmth of an embrace
    with hand holding head
    the other around the lower back
    as they kiss
    blood rushes to the lips
    warm and fuzzy in the belly,
    and she gets wet.

    They stare into each others eyes.
    there is silence.
    "I have a third eye. Let me paint you a picture,"
    he begins to speak, "the whole solar system?"
    There is silence.
    He points at the full yellow moon
    rising straight up before the red planet
    "mars leads the blood moon rising."

    I will paint you another picture.
    I am an illusion as you are. You are an infatuation,
    pure attraction, the ideal of perfection.
    I never promised you a rose garden,
    but I can promise you a flower patch
    of white flowers in a circle
    with bluebonnets and Indian paint brushes.

    I will paint you another picture.
    Now you are Lilith.
    Remember I held you to keep you safe.
    Now I am the snake around your naked body
    binding you, caressing your breasts
    to bite your neck.

    But my name is loki, bound to a rock.
    Are you the snake dripping above
    or are you Sigyn collecting the venom?

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    very pretty!


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      Originally posted by Beebeeblah View Post
      very pretty!
      Thank you so much! Those are such kind words)