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A Cold Romance I and II (WIP)

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  • A Cold Romance I and II (WIP)

    A Cold Romance

    One day, Loki is bored, so he goes to drink wine with some of the gods. As he sits there, one of the gods begins to tell a story, "there is a beautiful woman named Irina in Novosirbirsk who wants a heart of ice!" As the gods sit there laughing, Loki smiles and thinks, "I will have some fun and tempt her."

    Loki goes to Irina's university and talks to the President. "I will donate one million dollars to your university if you allow me to erect a statue on campus." The President agrees, and soon Loki has a statue of himself.

    One day, Irina is getting out of class, and she is walking to her next one. She notices the statue. She has never seen it before, and she likes it, so she takes a picture of it and keeps walking to class.

    That night, after she posted the picture on Instagram saying, "check out this cool statue," Irina is in bed and cannot sleep. All she can think about is the statue and how different and beautiful he looks. As she layed there on her back, she takes off her pants and panties, opens her legs, and masturbates to Loki.

    Two days later, she is getting out of class as before, and she wants to see the statue again, but this time when she walks up to it, there is a man dressed in all black standing there looking at it. She approachs, and Loki notices her and says,


    "Hello," she replies.

    "Do you like the statue?"

    "Yes, it is very beautiful."

    "Is that all you can say about it?"

    "I like it because he looks evil, like Machiavelli."

    "I admire Machiavelli. There is an absolute freedom in amoral behavior.

    "I need to go to class."

    "Before you go, what is your name?"


    "My name is Timoti."

    The next day, Irina is walking to the library to study, and she keeps thinking that she sees the man at the statue among the crowds of people, but they are just students. She also keeps thinking how much he looks like the statue.

    Later that day, when Irina is leaving the library, she notices a crowd listening to someone giving a speech. She decides to stay and listen. Loki notices her standing there, and they look at each other for a moment then he continues,

    "We have a moral obligation to intervene in international affairs militaristically, for if good does not fight, evil will triump. May peace prevail."

    After Loki finishes his speech, he walks over to Irina.

    stuff happens here

    They go somewhere private and remote, and they have sex. But when Irina is sleeping, Loki leaves to never be seen again

    One day, Irina visits the statue. As she is standing there looking at it, she looks down at her stomach and says, "you will always know who your father is."

    The end

    A Cold Romance II

    loki one day has tear and pang in heart. he feels guilt and wonders why.

    he decides that Persephone in underworld will help him. so he goes to temple of Persephone and converts. when he is at alter, after converting, he takes gold coin from offering box and puts it in his mouth. then he slits his wrists and dies upon the alter.

    then he goes to hades, the underworld. he travels to the river lethe to drink and forget his guilt. there he has conversation with irina from Novosibirsk. he got her pregnant and abandoned her in other story. they have conversation, and she tells him that she committed suicide and that his child is at statue of him. so Persephone hears what loki is doing and comes to talk to him. and she decides to help him become alive again. but only way to come a live again is for bod to decompose and recompose, so loki has to remain in hell for a little bit. then. um maybe not that last part. but he comes alive again and adopts his child. now loki has baby)

    but only way to come a live again is for bod to decompose and recompose, so loki has to remain in hell for a little bit. - baby will die, and that means loki’s son will be in hell

    story about man who want to forget the past, so he drinks from the river styx. but woman from past appears and reminds him of something

    one day, loki is sitting alone at night and feels a heavy heart. As he sits with his left hand over his heart, a tear drops from his right eye. “what have I done that has cursed me with guilt?” “what freedom from this heart is there that I may continue to be merry in my ways?” “will my grin forever be lost?”

    why do you need to drink from lethe. You have already forgotten. do you not remmeber irina of novasibirsk? You left her pregnant with child with only a statue of yourself to remember you by.

    She wanted a heart of ice, and I gave you what she wanted. Why should I feel quilt over it?

    You left here alone with your flesh and blood. You, loki, the god. It is not the task of a mortal woman to raise a god’s child alone.

    She could raise money by employing him as a circus freak. She should feel blessed for getting two favors.

    But you are here. are you prepared to forget everything?

    please, I am loki. I have come to drink from lethe like wine to drown the day’s trouble. To simply wet my lips and quench my thirst that I may continue to be merry.

    About to drink, persephone says, “stop.”do not drink from the river, or you will be lost forever. I have heard about your conversion and death in my temple and upon my alter. I couldnt decide if I wanted you in hell or not. I let you get this far, hoping you would change your mind, but I do not want you here.

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    ayo bruh my attention span cant handle this what are you writing the epic of Gilgamesh? no hard feels brodie but heres how you spit some PHAT RHYMES!!!! xd

    blood bath and tree
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