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Underneath It All (WIP)

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  • Underneath It All (WIP)

    most of this is plagiarism from The Trotula

    Underneath It All

    Like a painting, she sits on the floor.
    her body is completely covered
    except for her hands and face,
    yet these you cannot even see
    as she sits with her back to the gazer

    the carpets design is over shadowed by the colorful
    light shining through the stain glass window,
    purple, red, green, blue, and yellow,
    matching the patters on the wall.

    Underneath it all, behind closed doors,

    she goes to the baths, taking hot black stones
    and places them in the steambath.
    then hot water is poured in so that steam is produced,
    and she sits upon it well covered with cloths so that she sweats.

    transition here

    describe bathhouse here - outer
    She enters hot water and wash herself very well,
    or describe it here - pool/inner
    She exits from the bath - show dont tell

    and wipes herself off well with a linen cloth.
    and anoints herself all over with a depilatory
    drawing her palm over her skin gently.

    But when she has stayed there a little while,
    she pulls out the hairs from the pubic area.

    After leaving the bath, she adorns her hair,
    and first washes it with a cleanser
    and then combs her hair,
    wearing clove and musk in her hair,
    taking care that it not be seen by anyone.
    Also the veil with which the head is tied
    she puts on a sweet-smelling perfume.

    She washes her face very well
    with French soap and with warm water
    thus her lips can be adorned

    transition here

    never seen her before
    she is a mystery

    she removes her scarf
    My hair color is brown and its long
    drops robes to the floor

    Underneath it all, she is like a painting,
    behind closed doors, she is naked before me.
    pale skin covers her body revealing
    the breasts and hips that pull me to her