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Poetry for hire - 2

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  • Poetry for hire - 2

    This was one earlier this week

    keyword: transparent
    Honest, you took my breath away the first time that we met-
    I'd never known someone like you and I have not known yet.
    You didn't say a word to me, you didn't make contact
    You wouldn't look me in the eye, however your contract
    Offer to me was clear and bright as the middaylight sun.
    Without a doubt, I knew you only offered me some fun.
    Thank you, dearest friend Honesty, you have been heavensent
    If only your partner, Silence, could be as transparent.

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    I'm learn English. By heaven, I have rather been enjoying other keyword: clear. Your word "transparent" is tasteless to me.

    clear mind ~~> clear silence;
    cold (cool, keen) mind ~~> cold silence
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      I like how you said transparent is tasteless to me. like clear glass noodles.