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  • Poetry for hire - 4

    Since I first posted here last week, I have gotten a flood of offers/ requests--some for rhyming metered poems, some for haikus, and some free verse. It's been really fun. Thanks, strangers!
    Here's one that the person really liked, also based on an experience I had several years back:

    Keyword: Djinn

    in the medina, at the mosque, on the balcony,
    where the children and tourists can make noise
    i found a small door in the wall, close to the rug on the floor
    a door only 8 inches tall and 4 inches wide.
    the children saw me eyeing it and giggled amongst themselves, hushed under the prayers.
    i opened it with the small knob protruding from the middle.
    i put my hand inside,where the air was cool.

    where are we going? she said.
    the bridge is not yet finished, she said.
    do we have to leave so soon?

    her hair whipped in the open airway of the backseat of the shared taxi.
    her hair whipped into the corners of my mouth, cutting into my dry lips.
    do we have to leave so soon?

    i put my hand inside, deeper still.
    the children giggled, that now we knew the same thing:
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