The person who gave me this keyword turned out to be one of the smartest and most inspiring people I have ever met. She gave me the keyword anima and about 16 minutes later, she got this poem, which is kinda fun.

in the days that followed, she definitely gave me more than she received from this little poem. it's so cool to actually find a friend in the sea of anonymity.


I dreamt I was a turtle swimming slowly toward the beach
In lost and frantic ocean waves, the land a distant reach
I cursed the lungs I breathed in air with—cursed my reptile genes
I cursed the salt the water held corroding at the seams
my heavy shell cracking, as I struggled to stay afloat
Until at last I saw a man standing upon a boat
He scooped me up into his net and I thought I was done
To my surprise he gently placed me on deck in the sun.
I drew myself inside my shell, as all good turtles do
My body type frustrates me but I know this thing is true:
Appendages that poke and pry will shrivel in the end,
Internal is the gift of life: give up and then we win.